Peter Kapa

  • I know Peter Kapa since a couple of years. Unfortunately only through the internet and not face to face. It is the love and passion towards photography which brought us together. Peter lives in the north-west of the US. I had noticed his impressive nature photos from his homeland, which were so completely different in colour than anything I had seen before. So I asked him if he would be interested to publish his images on my former website.

    This has been now many years ago. In the meantime, my preferences and interests with regards to photography have been shifted. It evolved further throughout the years, emphazising more on the daily and unspectacular life within an urban environment. Maybe mainly because of my decreasing willingness to go with a backpack and tent into the wilde considering my age…..

    Peter Kapa is different. With his dynamic spirit he took a plane in February 2015 to fly along the american coast to the south of Chile to Puntas Arenas. Patagonia was his destination: This wild landscape, which stretches over large parts of Argentina and Chile with the high peaks of the Andes as its border. He was away for three weeks by walk and buses.

    Was he alone? Knowing the answer already: “ Such kind of trips you rather do by yourself, if you really want to have impressive long lasting images. You can get easily lost in such areas and you are simply at the mercy of nature. You need patience. Often I was waiting for a long time till the light was as I expected it to be. From time to time I also met people who shared my passion, where we ended up walking the path together, shared our experiences and food with each other till our paths went separate ways again. ”

    The nature in Patagonia has very special surprises for a hiker walking along the trail with a backpack, a tent and heavy photo gear. “ The incredible wind in Patagonia was my constant companion” told me Peter. “Sometimes the wind was so harsh that he pushed my tent a few inches over my face till it calmed down again. I often really felt terrified.”

    A couple of weeks ago Peter sent a mail to hear if I would be still interested in his pictures. I was very happy about getting in touch with him again and offered him to publish his pictures on my optimized current website.

    Speaking out of my own experience, pictures do not always express the emotions that you feel when you take them. Nonetheless, I find it very important to show and share these pictures to a bigger community.

    By the way, Peter is taking his photos analog on slides (Kodak Velvia). His cameras are ContaxG and Leica M4.

    Frieder Zimmermann / Mediha Diyaboglu

    All photos on this site are copyright protected by Peter Kapa © 2019 Peter Kapa


  • 2 Kommentare zu “Peter Kapa

    1. Lieber Frieder,

      tolle Photos aus Patagonien! Die bekräftigen meinen Wunsch, unbedingt dorthin zu fahren…..

      Demnächst, wenn ich mir ohne EKR die Zeit vertreibe.

      Herzliche Grüße



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